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Paris Hen – Brunch at Angelina

During my recent hen do in Paris, my lovely hens arranged for us to go for breakfast at Angelina. Averting our eyes from the overwhelming delicatessen/patisserie counter, packed with brightly coloured macarons and cakes, we headed into the tea room.

Originally founded in 1903, Angelina (as it says on its own website), has built a reputation as a place of sophistication and indulgence. It didn’t disappoint!

I chose the traditional Angelina breakfast – at 30 Euros, it’s not a cheap breakfast, but it was so delicious that it was worth every penny! You’re given the choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate (I opted for the latter, and it was so incredible that I can still taste it, weeks later!), fruit juices, mini viennoiseries, bread with butter, Angelina honey, jam and chestnut cream, a fresh fruit salad, and eggs cooked however you would like them.

I stupidly looked into whether you could buy Angelina hot chocolate in the UK, and it’s available online for just over £5.00 a bottle! Must suppress those cravings, for the sake of my bank balance…



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