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Paris Hen – Dinner at Restaurant Miroir

My hens surprised me again in Paris with a fab dinner at Restaurant Miroir in Montmartre.

People often associate French cuisine with good wine and cheese, and perhaps more daringly, frogs legs and snails (incidentally, I adore all of those!) But dining at Restaurant Miroir certainly opened my eyes to what French cuisine is actually about, as we were surrounded by French diners, away from the tourist traps of central Paris. Despite studying French to degree level at university, there were types of meats and cooking methods on the menu that I was clueless about. But I loved the mystery!

I started with foie gras, followed by a ‘pot-au-feu’ which I shared with my future sister-in-law – it’s a beef stew with carrots, turnips, celery, onions and leeks, served with broth and marrow. It felt like real home cooking and was absolutely delicious.

IMG_1584 IMG_1586

I topped things off with a rice pudding based dessert (the actual name escapes me), which again, felt like proper home cooking, but with a sophisticated edge.


I would highly recommend Restaurant Miroir for anyone wanting to get away from the usual tourist hotspots and to try something new. The menu might seem a little daunting but there was always an English speaking waiter or waitress on hand to help out!


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