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Throwback Thursday – Beast

As I’ve been lucky enough to visit so many wonderful restaurants in the past, I’ve decided to introduce a weekly blog post, talking about one of those places each week. My very own ‘Throwback Thursday’. And today I’m writing about Beast.

The other half and I went there for my birthday in October last year, and it’s one of the best meals I’ve had in London. The premise is simple. They serve crab and steak. And fortunately those are two of my very favourite things 🙂

On arrival at Beast (located just behind Oxford Street), you head underground in an elevator, to be greeted by a tank full of live crab, and a fridge full of meat! It’s not the kind of place for those who don’t really like to think about what they’re eating. Beast is very upfront about this – you can even handle one of the live crab if that takes your fancy (although that was one step too far for me!)


You are seated at long, wide, wooden benches, very ‘Norwegian’ in stye, which is what they’re going for. Luckily Tim and I were seated next to each other, but I did see some couples seated opposite each other, who found it more tricky to chat across the wide table.

For £75.00 per person, you are given antipasti (when we were there, was breads, olives and cheeses. There was a lot of cheese. I was in my happy place), Norwegian King Crab and Nebraskan Steak, hot and cold sides (vegetables and salads) and sauces to complement both the crab and the steak, and a dessert.


With most of the food arriving all at once, it really was an epic feast! And they even brought out my dessert with a ‘Happy Birthday’ message, which was a lovely touch!


I’ve recommended Beast to many of my friends. Some have taken potential/existing work clients there, and it never fails to impress. Now I just need to find an excuse to go back there again!

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  1. Markus says

    Couldn’t agree more. Best food I’ve had in London, period. It’s very pricey, but you’re not just paying for the (excellent) food, you’re paying for the (also excellent!) experience.


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