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Sushi in the Maldives – Teppanyaki Restaurant

Tim and I got married at the end of February 2015 and we were fortunate to spend our honeymoon in the Maldives, on the incredible island of Velassaru. Aside from the general excitement of the honeymoon, I was really looking forward to trying out the different restaurants on the resort (especially after my pretty strict wedding diet!) I’ll be posting a few times about restaurants of Velassaru and first up is the Teppanyaki restaurant.

Teppanyaki is situated over the water in the lagoon, in the most perfect setting – we booked in advance of travelling to the Maldives to make sure we could get in, as we didn’t want to miss out on the experience.

We started with the Teppanyaki Signature Sushi Collection (salmon, tuna, reef fish, shitake, cream cheese, eel, crab stick, avocado and mango) and the Flaming Maguro (tuna sashimi, yuzu jelly, Szechuan peppers).

10355674_10205367468298982_1914605316435314215_o     10459091_10205367468698992_8978095683780307580_o

We both then decided to go for the local reef fish catch of the day (the exact name escapes me) but it was a meaty, white fish, and absolutely delicious!

10708611_10205367466618940_1190894584256126666_o    11062694_10205367469259006_8111911169386879336_o

Of course, the experience of the Teppanyaki restaurant in itself was great fun, watching the chefs creating their masterpieces right in front of us. We chatted to our chef for a little while after dinner and learned lots about what it’s like to live in the Maldives and the local ingredients available. All of the staff at Velassaru were so charming and helpful.

What I would give to click my fingers and be back there 😉

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