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The Porridge Cafe

When I heard that there was going to be a ‘Porridge Cafe’ opening in London (and just a stone’s throw from the office), I was excited! I wouldn’t say I’m a porridge fanatic by any means, but I love it when new ideas like this pop up! I remember visiting a rice pudding cafe in New York’s Lower East Side a year or two ago, and thinking what a good idea this sort of thing was.

The Porridge Cafe opened up while I was on honeymoon, so I was keen to try it out as soon as I got back.

IMG_2029    IMG_2030

They serve five different types of porridge every day, with three ‘healthy and sweet’ options, and two ‘savoury and risotto’ options. As it was lunchtime, I opted for the latter, and had the salami, pecorino and porcini mushroom with grain spelt (£6.50). it was served in a big brown tub and I took it back to the office to eat. It was far too much for me (it might be worth considering smaller, cheaper options) but incredibly tasty! I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, so I kept going back to it throughout the afternoon!


As it’s a pop up, it’s only open until the end of this week (29th March) so make sure you try out – it’s at 70 Paul Street, near Old Street Station.


  1. Markus says

    While I couldn’t care less about porridge (sorry, Brits!), I love risotto and this one sounds pretty amazing. Glad you remembered our trip to Rice To Riches!


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