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Throwback Thursday – Fish Company, Reykjavik

I encountered a bit of a problem when writing today’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ blog post, and it’s a problem I’m going to have a lot going forward. I have some great memories of some incredible restaurants… but can I remember exactly what I ate? Probably not! Also, many of my restaurant experiences were prior to the days of being able to take sneaky food photos on my iPhone – I was unlikely to get out my digital camera and begin flashing away at the table, ruining the ambience for everyone around me! So this is the first post that tackles these issues.

We visited Fish Company during our holiday to Reykjavik, Iceland, in January 2012 and it’s remained one of my favourite dining experiences of all time. Fish Company is nestled away under a bridge in the centre of Reykjavik town. The restaurant is dimly lit by candlelight and incredibly cosy. As you walk in, you’re greeted by a wall of colourful Post-It notes, from visitors from all over the world.

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We decided on the ‘Around Iceland’ menu which was made up of five courses, which were designed to represent various elements of Icelandic livestock and cuisine. I’m struggling to remember exactly what we had, but the course I remember most vividly was the main lamb course, which was cooked in four different ways. The pièce de résistance was when the chef approached our table once the plates were placed in front of us, and proceeded to sprinkle ‘snow’ onto our plates (a liquid-nitrogen based sauce). Considering we were visiting Reykjavik during one of their snowiest periods of all time, this seemed very fitting!


I wish I could remember the rest of the courses – instead, examples from their current ‘Around Iceland’ menu should help to give you a flavour of the courses on offer:

Akureyri: Salmon with egg yolk cream, pickled onions & salsify, estragon crust & fennel salad with estragon foam

Neskaupstaður: Slowly cooked fillet of cod with shrimps, apple slices & celery carpaccio, dill mayonnaise & fresh apple vinaigrette

Vestfirðir: Lamb shoulder & lamb confit, pickled red currants & potato terrine, onion mayonnaise & cheese broth

Selfoss: Soft spruce spongecake with skyr sorbet, salted caramel & mysa cream, lemon meringue & oatmeal crumble with spruce snow

If you ever go to Reykjavik, I can’t recommend it enough. Considering the level of skills and creativity in the cooking, and the quality of the ingredients, it wasn’t too expensive, especially in comparison to restaurants in the UK that would serve this kind of food.

There’s more information at Fish Company’s website:


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