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Lunch from FalafeLicious, Boxpark, Shoreditch

I had seen FalafeLicious advertised on Facebook (via Boxpark), and had been wanting to try it out for some time. And yesterday was the day! I headed over for lunch and was really impressed by the range on offer. I originally thought it would just be falafel in pitta bread (as I’d seen on Facebook), but was surprised to see their extensive range of salads.

For £4.95 you can indeed have falafel in pitta, but for £6.95 you can have falafel in a big salad box, which is what I opted for. I think I counted 20 different types of salads/dressings on offer, including things like couscous, grilled aubergines, white beans, red cabbage and marinated olives, and a particularly delicious red chilli sauce!


Once I’d filled up my salad box with all of these goodies, I headed for the counter where the lady added a whopping eight freshly cooked falafel. I was asked if I wanted houmous and tahini, to which I said a big YES, as they’re two of my favourite dips, as well as white or brown pitta to go alongside the salad.

   IMG_2265   IMG_2264

I took it back to the office and it was fantastic! In fact, one of the best lunches I’ve had in a long time, and the best falafel I’ve ever had! The outside was crispy and the centre was soft and incredibly flavoursome. It was too much for me to eat in one go, so I picked at it for the rest of the afternoon (the people in my office must love me!)

They also serve chicken schnitzel, but if you’re feeling really hungry, you can have the salad box or pitta bread with both falafel and chicken!

FalafeLicious is located at Shoreditch’s Boxpark (Box 59).

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