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Cyprus Series: Yialos Tavern, Paphos

As you may know from my ‘about‘ section, I grew up in Cyprus. We lived there until my dad sadly passed away in 2013, and my mum is now living back in the UK, in North Yorkshire, where I was born.

We have so many great memories from the island of love, and over the years, we visited many fabulous restaurants. In fact, most Sundays were spent in a large group of family friends at one of the many local restaurants, where lunch could happily take up the entire afternoon and continue long into the evening.

The tourism industry has suffered in recent years in Cyprus – it has become more expensive to travel there and most of the travel operators and big hotels offer all inclusive deals. The local restaurants are suffering because people don’t need to leave their hotels as often. As such, I’ve decided to do a ‘Cyprus Series’ of blog posts on GTBG, in the hope that anyone who might be thinking of going on holiday might be inspired to check some of these places out.

Today’s blog post is about Yialos – a fabulous little family run restaurant (much like most restaurants in Cyprus) – right by the sea, in between Coral Bay and Sea Caves. It was the last place I visited in Cyprus, in December last year.


The menu, much like many of the restaurants in Cyprus, offers all types of meats (souvla, kleftiko etc) and fresh seafood. But what I especially love about Yialos, is that they bring you an array of meze style plates, without any prompting, including the standard dips (houmous, taramasalata, tzatziki, tahini) as well as bigger plates and one of my favourites, pourgouri (bulgar wheat, steamed with tomato, onion and vermicelli pasta). They also have the best olives in Paphos (in my humble opinion – I’m not sure what they marinade them in, but they’re fab!)


The last time I was there, I had my usual Tsipoura (sea bream), served with a huge pile of chips. Most restaurants in Cyprus will serve fish to you whole like this, and you will be expected to fillet it yourself. You can ask to have it filleted, but I think it’s all part of the fun!


And another great thing about Yialos is the price – the food and drink is always incredibly reasonable! We would normally go there and have a greek salad, a bunch of dips and meze plates, a main course, some fruit/cake and a drink each, for around 15-20 Euros per person.

Yialos tavern is the kind of place that you’ll only find if you’re told about it – it’s a little gem hidden away from the beaten track. I’ve just discovered their Facebook page, so I’d recommend going on there to find their exact location. It also looks as though they do Greek Dancing nights now too!


  1. Hi Megan! I feel hungry after reading this. 🙂 I also love the little restaurants in Paphos area. It’s a special atmosphere there.
    – Ruta


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