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Throwback Thursday – The Barking Crab, Boston (USA)

This week I’ve been speaking to a lovely mum blogger for my job, who moved out to Boston with her family. I visited Boston a couple of years ago when I was working at 2K and loved it, so I thought I’d make this week’s Throwback Thursday about The Barking Crab.

I visited Boston in February 2013 for a press trip to one of our studios, during a huge snow storm (I’m surprised my flight actually made it into the US!) I think this view from my room at The Langham Hotel says it all:


I had a free day at the weekend to myself and was determined to see some of the sights of Boston, despite the snow nearly coming up to my knees. I managed to trek through the snow to the Boston Tea Party museum, which was great fun (although being English there was a little awkward, I kept rather quiet!!) and afterwards, I met one of my colleagues and a couple of our journalists from Australia (who were certainly not expecting that kind of weather!) at The Barking Crab for lunch.

Getting there was interesting… located on the edge of Boston’s historic Fort Point Channel, in a snow storm, it wasn’t an easy place to reach, but we did it!!


We’d seen some great reviews for The Barking Crab online. It has been open for over 20 years and due to its popularity, we expected it to be quite touristy. However, it seemed as though there were a lot of locals there (the tourists may have been deterred by the weather, of course!)


Most of us chose the lobster roll – this dish has become more popular in London in recent months, but this was the first time I’d had it, and it was very tasty!


Looking at the current menu on their website today, it has changed slightly since we were there (during our visit we were very amused by the offer of ‘baked scrod’, which alas, is sadly no longer on there). But they do have a huge range of seafood. Here are some of the more unusual examples:

Starters: Barking Crab Cakes, Bacon-wrapped Scallops, Shimp & Grits

Mains: Stuffed Flounder, Portugese Fisherman’s Stew, Lobster Mac N Cheese

Crab & Lobster: Snowcrab clusters, Dungeness Legs

They also have a number of different platter options and a good range of beers/ales, including Barking Crab White Ale, Harpoon IPA and Fisherman’s Brew.

Obviously The Barking Crab is fantastic for people who love seafood, but they do offer a few dishes for the non fish fans, such as the Pulled Pork Sandwich, Barking Burger, Ribeye Steak and Chicken Under A Brick.

The staff were lovely, answered all of our questions and humoured a bunch of Brits and Aussies who were suitably unprepared for their weather, as we battled the elements to get back to our hotel.

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