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Easter Cooking & Baking Eggstravaganza! April 2015

I always used to go back home to Cyprus for Easter and I loved it – it’s my favourite time of year there. The Cypriots celebrate it even more than Christmas, and there are so many amazing foods, such as avgolemono (chicken, lemon and egg soup – sounds hideous, tastes great!) and tsoureki (a type of bread, with hardboiled eggs dyed red).

For the past few years, however, Tim and I have spent Easter at home in London. The first year that we spent here, we ended up having a bit of a cooking/baking marathon, and we’ve kept up this tradition ever since! It started with us roasting a leg of lamb that was far too big for us, so we ended up eating it for the whole weekend, trying out different recipes each evening.

We’ve been looking forward to this ‘eggstravaganza’ (*cough*) for a while, and this year we even planned out what we would eat and ordered in the ingredients in advance. As you can see, there’s a lot, and this isn’t even everything:


The things we’re planning on cooking are:

Roast Lamb with Orange & Rosemary

Lamb Moussaka (using leftover lamb from the roast, as well as lamb mince)

Simnel Tear and Share (a mixture of a simnel cake, hot cross buns and chelsea buns)

Rabbit Casserole

I’m sure there will be more, but this is what’s planned for now. Expect more posts over the next few days!

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