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Luxury Easter Eggs: Hotel Chocolat and Heston Blumenthal/Waitrose

Each year Tim and I buy each other an Easter Egg and this year, we both ended up buying each other dark, rather luxurious eggs. I bought Tim the Heston Blumenthal Easter Egg from Waitrose:


It’s in a very nice black and gold box – it almost looks more like a whisky/spirit box than an Easter egg!


It opens up from the side to uncover a golden painted chocolate egg and when you crack into it, it reveals dark chocolate on the inside with a number of smaller mandarin flavour eggs, on a bed of edible straw. It’s all very ‘Heston’!

Tim bought me the Rabot 1745 Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat:


I adore Hotel Chocolat – it’s pricey, but the chocolate is always so delicious. It’s the closest I’ve ever found to the chocolate we tasted in Belgium, many years ago.


The Rabot 1745 egg is one of their ‘extra thick’ range – one side is pure Madagascan 72% dark chocolate, and the other in  Saint Lucian 70% milk chocolate – it’s going to take me a while to eat the former, as I can only handle small bits of dark chocolate at a time, as I find it very rich! But I’ll give it a good go 😉


Inside are 14 individual chocolates and as with all of Hotel Chocolat’s products, the egg is beautifully packaged in a hat box style container.

The Heston Blumenthal egg cost £20.00 from Waitrose and the Rabot 1745 egg cost £29.00 from Hotel Chocolate.

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