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Wedding Cheese Cake – The West Country Cheese Company

For our wedding in February, one of the things that took the longest to decide on, was the wedding cake! Neither of us have a particularly sweet tooth, although we do love chocolate. There were a few that we loved the look of, such as the profiterole cake from Patisserie Valerie, but we felt that it was quite expensive for what it was. We saw some absolutely beautiful, more traditional cakes (I adored the hand painted cakes by Nevie Pie), but nothing really seemed to fit with our theme, which was Rustic English Country.

We then looked into the idea of a wedding cake of cheeses, as we thought that this would be much more fitting (and I ADORE cheese!) Quite a few companies now do these, but we decided to go with the Rustic Raffia Cake from The West Country Cheese Company.

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They’re based in Barnstaple (very close to where my mum grew up) so it meant that the cake wouldn’t have to travel too far to Dartmoor. I spoke to a lovely lady called Debbie, who was incredibly helpful, and eventually decided on the Rustic Raffia Cake, which included the following (taken straight from the website, because I couldn’t say it better!):

Base/1st tier: Hoe Stevensons Red Leicester – we really love the superb nutty sweetness of  this aged red leicester. A superb caramel flavour and dee rich colour.

2nd tier: Delice Bourgorgne – a decadent luscious, soft triple cream, melt in the mouth, cheese from Burgandy!  Divine!

3rd tier: Cashel Blue – the original Irish farmhouse cow’s milk blue.  Soft, moist and creamy, smooth texture and good depth of flavour.

Top tier: White Nancy – a stunningly good handmade goats milk cheese with a slightly sweet, yet fresh taste and a slight crumbly texture.

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Another reason we chose to go with the West Country Cheese Company is because of the wonderful little extras that they can provide, that fitted our theme so well, such as the wooden hearts, raffia and adorable ceramic mice.

We cut our wedding cheese cake at the end of the wedding breakfast, but we served it at our evening reception along with our hog roast.

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It tasted incredible – without a doubt, the best cheese I’ve ever had. I’m keen to try out more that the West Country Cheese Company has to offer. They have a wide selection of cheeses available to buy on the website, including tasting selection sets, and even a monthly cheese club (which I’m very tempted to sign up to!)

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