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Sushi Lunch from Sushilicious, BOXPARK Shoreditch

I love sushi, although I’ll admit, I was quite a late adopter! I’ve always been into seafood, but growing up in Cyprus, there wasn’t really anywhere that sold sushi. I thought I’d give it a go for lunch one time when I started working in London, and bought some from M&S – big mistake! It was pretty rough, and it put me off sushi for ages, as I was completely disillusioned about what good sushi should be. It tasted fake and rubbery.

Tim eventually got me into it and now I can’t get enough of it! We’ve been to some fabulous sushi restaurants in London, such as ROKA and Flesh & Buns, but I’ve never found a good ‘fast food’ alternative… until now!

Sushilicious recently opened up in Shoreditch’s ‘BOXPARK’, next to Shoreditch High Street station. It’s located next to Falafelicious, which I visited recently and wrote about here.


When I walked in to Sushilicious (around 1pm on Friday) the fridge shelves were pretty bare. I was worried I’d fallen victim to the Friday lunchtime rush, but I was told that I could order anything from the menu and it would be put together in a box for me. They also have a number of set lunchbox options, ranging from £6.90 to £11.90.


I went for ‘BOXPARK 2’ (£6.90) which included 3 salmon sushi, 3 salmon maki, 3 salmon avocado spring rolls, 6 salmon avocado rolls, cabbage salad, edamame and wasabi. It was served in a really pretty tray, and I was given chopsticks, soy sauce, chilli sauce and ginger to take away.

IMG_2935   IMG_2936

I was happily surprised by the quality of the sushi – after M&S-gate, I’ve always been a bit concerned about how fresh the fish is and what preservatives are in them to keep them in the shop. The sushi at Sushilicious is prepared on-site in the open plan kitchen, and after trying it, I was really impressed by the taste and flavours. The only criticism I would have, is that my box was incredibly salmon and avocado heavy, and there was a bit too much for me. I think next time, I would order less, but go for a wider variety, rather than one of the lunch boxes.

If you’re around the Shoreditch area and fancy some good sushi, at a very reasonable price, go and check them out!


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