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A Sunday Afternoon Film and Poshcorn

One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon is to watch a good film at the cinema, with an unnecessarily big cup of coke and a bucket of popcorn to graze on like a cow. It’s overly indulgent but it’s fun! Although I must admit, with the age of movie apps like Lovefilm or Netflix, our cinema trips have become fewer and fewer. With the high cost of cinema tickets in London, it’s got to be a pretty special film for us to go and see it on the big screen, rather than wait for it on Netflix.

And one of the problems Tim and I experience when we go to the cinema is that he likes salted popcorn, and I prefer sweet. A first world problem, perhaps, but still a problem when the buckets cost a fortune and there’s no way that you could get through a whole one each.

I recently learned that Tyrrells (who you may well know for their popular range of crisps) make popcorn, but not just any old popcorn – poshcorn! Very fitting for Got To Be Gourmet 😉

IMG_3632   IMG_3634

There are four different flavours, and Tim and I tried them all out while we caught up on this week’s Penny Dreadful – Sea Salted, Sweet & Salty, Lemon Cupcake and Coconut & Caramel. 

Both of us decided that Coconut & Caramel was our favourite (despite him normally preferring salted popcorn, so that’s a big win for me!) – it’s different to any other popcorn I’ve tried before and you can taste both the coconut and the caramel, without either of the flavours overpowering each other.

My next favourite was Sweet & Salty – this is the perfect popcorn for those who can’t decide which type to go for, and it satisfies both sweet and savoury cravings. Much like the Coconut & Caramel, the flavours work together, despite being completely different.

The Sea Salted Poshcorn was also very nice – more akin to what you would normally expect from popcorn but with a nicer salt taste to it. You can notice the difference from using sea salt, rather than the more ‘greasy’ salt you get at the cinema.

The Lemon Cupcake Poshcorn was very clever! Before trying it, I’d assume it would just taste of lemon. But you really can taste the two main flavours in a lemon cupcake – both the sponge of the cake and the lemon icing. It was delicious but I couldn’t eat too much of it in one go, as it was incredibly sweet!

The branding of the bags of popcorn are great! I love the vintage style and colours, and the cheeky conversations between the ladies – Doris is my favourite!


What I was particularly surprised about, was the number of calories in these flavours of popcorn – ranging from 83 to 119 per bag. The bags were very filling and I can see myself eating them as a snack. I won’t mention the name, but I compared the calorie count to another brand of crisps that I often eat for lunch, and it was almost double the calories of the Sea Salt Poshcorn.

You can buy Poshcorn in larger sharing bags (£1.59) and smaller handbag sized bags (£0.79) from Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco. Morrisons and Costa Coffee, to name a few. If you’d like more information, you can visit their website here.

I’ll definitely be ordering some in to have at home, especially in the winter. When the rain is lashing against the window, and the wind hailing outside, the thought of cuddling up on the sofa with some decent popcorn is very appealing!


I was provided with samples for review purposes by Tyrrells and Spider PR but did not receive any payment. All views are my own.

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