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Dream Dining Rooms With India Jane

We’re in the process of buying a house in South London and we’re so excited – we’re going from a small one bed apartment which is fairly central, to a 3-4 bed house further out, with a garden and a huge kitchen and dining area. We’re therefore going to need a lot of new furniture, but I’m especially excited about the bits and bobs to go along with it. I can see it now – no bed, but we’ll have some fab plates and candles 😉

I was recently invited to visit India Jane’s beautiful store on Kings Road (121), a part of London where I regularly have to restrain myself from visiting, in fear of wanting to buy everything I see.

We were welcomed by James from India Jane, who told us a little about the brand’s history. It first started out in Hampstead in 1991 by a husband and wife team, followed by Sloane Street in 1992 and the first Kings Road store in 1994. They now have 10 UK stores, in Chelsea (two locations), Kensington, Richmond, Marlow, Bath, Lincoln, Haslemere, Farnham and Tunbridge Wells.

IMG_3709   IMG_3704

IMG_3703   IMG_3705

Their range is regularly updated with new additions and evolves around the central theme of timeless elegance, while their London design team draw inspiration from the India Jane archive of original Colonial and Classical European collections. It was interesting to learn that the various retail outlets differ in style – there is another branch just a few doors down from the shop I visited, which is much more masculine and modern in style.

IMG_3706   IMG_3705

I had a good look around the store and could have easily bought everything in there – given the nature of Got To Be Gourmet, I was interested in the Dining Room items. Their dining table displays were stunning and gave me a lot of inspiration!

India Jane might look expensive from the outside, but it isn’t unreasonable. I bought an oval dish and a platter from the aptly named ‘gourmet set’ which were £3.50 and £7.00 respectively and a vase with some artificial flowers for around £12, which I thought would make a nice backdrop for some of my cooking/baking photos at home. India Jane also kindly gave me a small dragonfly pot, which I think I’ll use to serve sugar.

IMG_3710   IMG_3711


Here I am, chuffed with my purchases!


Of course, you can spend much more on larger pieces of furniture, but you get what you pay for, and all of the items felt like they were of extremely high quality.

I’ve seen on their website that they offer a gift registry, which would be perfect for a wedding gift list! We opted for a honeymoon gift list as we knew we wouldn’t be moving into a new house for a while, but I’ll certainly be recommending it to any of my friends who get engaged in the near future.

If you’re interested in taking a look but you’re short on time, India Jane’s full range of dinnerware is available to purchase online too. I’m definitely going to return once we’ve moved into our new place, with Tim in tow!


I was invited to visit the store by India Jane and Purple Cow PR but did not receive any payment. All views are my own.

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