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Throwback Thursday – Sand Restaurant, The Maldives

This week’s Throwback Thursday post is about another of the fabulous dinners we had on our honeymoon in the Maldives. You may have seen my previous post about the Teppanyaki restaurant, today’s post is about Sand Restaurant on our island resort of Velassaru.

Sand restaurant, as you might have guessed, is situated out on the sand, right by the sea. Some diners were seated under cover on the pavilion, but we were ‘out in the open’ under the stars, which was lovely!


The food in all of the restaurants was superb, but Sand especially so. It focuses on two things: Meat and Fish, cooked on the hot stone grill. Can’t get much better than that!

To start with, we ordered the Fisherman’s Chilled Platter for Two. The Fish Platter is one of our favourite things to order in a restaurant as we’re both shellfish lovers, but this was by far the biggest platter we’d ever had the pleasure of eating. It included a dozen pacific rock oysters, six medium prawns and a steamed lobster! Served with the usual lemon, shallot vinegar and mayonnaise dressing. Delicious!


For main course, I decided to switch to meat and went for a steak. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe Tim had the grilled fillet of job fish. There were so many types of delicious fish to try on the island – we actually went out on a fishing trip, but that’s another post for another time. 

Although the desserts looked lovely, nothing really took our fancy, so we decided to head back to our water villa where we ordered some cheese and whisky. The perfect evening!

The Maldives really was a dream destination – I regularly find my mind drifting, reminiscing about its crystal clear turquoise waters and the sun warming my skin. If only there was a way to ACTUALLY go back in time with these throwback Thursday posts 😉 


  1. Heaven! The seafood platter looks so good. We went to Mauritius last year and were slightly underwhelmed with the hotel food, found much better eats when we escaped and found little local places serving the freshest seafood and fish.

    Rosie xx


    • Ah I’d love to try Mauritius! I think that’s the thing with the Maldives – because the islands are so small (you could walk around ours in 20 mins!) the food has to be good, otherwise you’re kind of stuck!! Xx


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