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My Food Heaven at Champagne + Fromage

I’m a little bit worried you’re all going to get bored of me rabbiting on about cheese, but hey ho, here’s another cheese-tastic blog post! This time I’m writing about Champagne + Fromage. I first came across the restaurant on Twitter a few weeks ago, as they’ve opened a new branch in Greenwich, not too far from where I live. 

But on Saturday I planned to meet my friend Laura for lunch, and we ended up at Brixton market. After sitting at a table at a tapas restaurant for about 15 minutes being completely ignored, then told there was basically nothing on the menu, we decided to try elsewhere. And low and behold, we stumbled across Champagne + Fromage, right in the heart of the market (it was like a cheesy, dreamy mirage!) I’d completely forgotten they had a place there.

Champagne-Fromage-7   Champagne-Fromage-6

I couldn’t grab a table quick enough after glancing at the menu board outside, and we were promptly served by a very friendly, helpful gentleman. 

My heart honestly skipped a beat when I saw the menu – all kinds of French cheese that you could possibly ask for, but they also had some of my other French favourites, such as escargots in garlic butter and a huge charcuterie section. I didn’t know where to start!

It was a really hot day and we had been walking for a while, so I didn’t want a huge amount to eat. I decided on the Camembert with Basil and Sundried Tomatoes. It was baked in its own box and served with a small salad and bread. Laura went for one of the tartines – Sautéed pear with melted Langres cheese. It looked equally yummy!


We weren’t drinking (I’d had an unnecessarily heavy evening the night before!) so we stuck to juice. But I was still surprised at how cheap the bill was, coming in at about £17.00 for the two of us! Champagne + Fromage is incredible value for money. The portion sizes weren’t huge, but if you’re looking for somewhere to go for a catch up with a friend and some delicious nibbles, it’s ideal! And even better if you pair it with a nice glass of champagne 😉

The decor was also wonderful – very rustic, you felt like you could have been in a little deli in a French village. If I could transform my kitchen/dining room into this style with a click of my fingers, I would!

Champagne-Fromage-4   Champagne-Fromage-5

On the specials menu, there was a Camembert with mushrooms and truffle. Ordinarily, this would be my dream on a plate, but given the heat and my rather fragile state, I thought it would be a bit too much! I can’t wait to go back and try it though, it’s a high priority on my list. Maybe next time I can try the Greenwich branch.

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