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#FoodieFriends – Hannah’s Thai Ice Cream Experience at Yumitub

My latest #FoodieFriends post is from the lovely Hannah Fish, who has written about her experience at YumiTub in Brixton – a very cool new Thai rolled ice cream company (yes, you read that right!) Over to you, Hannah 🙂


Just as I thought I had done the rounds of the culinary delights on offer in Brixton market, Pop arrived – just in time for the summer!

This new events space (created from shipping containers) plays host to a number of local craft traders and has a range of culinary options to choose from. Amongst them is an ice cream maker with a twist. Formed in 2015, Yumitub is no traditional cone and flake affair.

The process starts with ice cream in a liquid form (chocolate or vanilla) which is poured onto a cold plate – that resembles a crepe plate.

yumitub-2   yumitub-1

Traditional tools and a chopping motion are then used to move the ice cream around the plate and gradually this becomes a more solid mass of melted ice cream. Then comes the fun bit you get to pick 2 ‘toppings’, personally I am a big fan of the toblerone and crunchie combination but apparently peanut butter and malteaser is a favourite! These are then chopped into the ice cream mound. Finally the mix is smoothed across the plate and left for a minute to freeze further before it is scraped into rolls of more solid mixture and with a dousing of syrup – voila! 


yumitub3   yumitub-4

 The whole process is pretty time consuming not to mention exhausting for those chopping the molten ice cream but it is all well worth the wait!

Thanks Hannah! You can find out more about Yumitub here.

*Photos are either Hannah’s own or from the Yumitub website.

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