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Lunch at Arancini Brothers, Old Street

You may have seen in my post earlier this week about the Moretti Gran Tour that I tried some risotto balls from Arancini Brothers – they were gorgeous and I was definitely left wanting more! Luckily, the guys were kind enough to give me a voucher to try one of their wraps from their Old Street shop. Very convenient considering I work close to there!

One day this week, I decided to give it a try during my lunch hour. It was a bit of a longer walk than I was expecting so I was pretty hungry when I arrived, pleased to see the signature orange exterior in front of me.


I wasn’t sure if it would just be a ‘take out’ style place, but they also have tables and chairs where you can quite happily have a nice, quick meal. I liked how the art on the wall charted the story of the business, I thought that was a nice touch.


I was a little overwhelmed by the menu when I first looked up at the board. You have the choice of six different wraps (Classic, Lemon Chicken, Moroccan Lamb, Smokey Bacon, Pulled Pork Barbecoa and Mushroom), all served with risotto balls and the salads on offer that day. When I was there, it was red cabbage, yellow salad and sweet potato. They also offer hot stews (meat or vegetarian) and salad boxes (original, chicken or bacon).

Arancini-Brothers-3   Arancini-Brothers-4

The staff were very friendly and recommended that as it was my first time, I should try the classic wrap. I was happy to go along with their suggestion, although in hindsight, I feel like I was done out of some meat there really. I didn’t actually realise that the wraps with chicken, lamb etc also included the risotto balls. Lesson learned for next time.

As you can imagine, a wrap is a pretty hard thing to get a nice photo of, so please excuse the poor quality of my slightly munched on lunch!

Arancini-Brothers-6   Arancini-Brothers-7

The wrap was soft and doughy and was packed with filling – they’re certainly generous with portion size, with plenty of risotto balls throughout (I think it was around 5 or 6), and the flavours were lovely. I would say, it was quite stodgy for lunch, I felt like going for a sleep after it (could have been slightly awkward in our small office!) It was real comfort food and very enjoyable, just be prepared to be in a slight food coma afterwards 😉

Arancini Brothers also have sites in Kentish Town and Dalston as well as Old Street, so if you’re ever in the area, go and check them out. Their risotto balls are wheat-free and vegetarian, and they can often cook vegan on request.  You can find more on their website here

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