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Lunch at Breakfast & Burgers, Tooting

This weekend we were exploring Tooting Market looking for a few bits and bobs for the house and came across Breakfast & Burgers. I’d seen it being talked about on Twitter and it was just what we fancied for lunch – Tim was a bit hungover after a Friday night out and I’d been suffering from a bad cold. So some comfort food was on the cards!

Tucked inside Tooting Market (Unit 21), Breakfast & Burgers is a small venue with fun ‘meat-related’ artwork on the walls.

breakfast-and-burgers-tooting-2   Breakfast-and-burgers-Tooting

The menu was a lot smaller than I was expecting – it was pretty much a choice of single/double cheeseburger or single/double bacon cheeseburger (although they do also do veggie options!) But that wasn’t necessarily a problem, provided the burgers were good 😉 Looking at their website, their Leadenhall Street site seems to offer a wider range of food. And as you may have guessed by the name, they have a pretty great breakfast menu too! 

We went for a single and double bacon cheeseburger with fries and their special bacon jam – I was particularly excited to try the latter. The burgers were pretty massive when they were brought out, as you can see. Served in a brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkin and their own burger sauce. 


The meat was perfectly cooked – medium enough so that it was juicy, but not so much that it was ‘runny’, like you often get in some burger places, and spend most of the meal trying to manoeuvre burger juice from running down your sleeves. They use organic Scottish 28 day aged beef which they rest before serving, to allow the juices to set. You could certainly tell this, from both the flavour and the texture – delicious!

The fries were very Macdonalds-like. Not sure if they’d be happy with that description but for me, they were perfect – exactly the kind of chips I would expect with a burger. I’m glad the whole ‘chunky chip’ phase seems to be disappearing.

The bacon jam was good – I was expecting it to be a bit more unusual to be honest, it was a bit like a chutney. It worked well in the burger and added to the flavour.

I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for some quick and tasty grub in Tooting. Someone seemed rather offended in my last post about Tooting that I wasn’t trying the truly ‘local’ places to eat but once we move in and get to know the area well, we obviously will be doing that. For now I’m happy to have an open mind and try everything Tooting has to offer.

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  1. Oooh this must be really new OR we just missed it when we strolled through the market a couple of weekends ago! Another interesting new opening is wine bar/shop Grape Night In (I think that’s what it’s called) who also operate a popup kitchen in the weekends with different chefs. I’m trying to convince the other half to give it a go!

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    • I’m pretty sure it is new. I can’t wait to try the pop up at Grape Night In – I’ve been waiting until we’re properly moved in and settled (this weekend) before booking 🙂


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