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National Burger Day & Review of Greedy Cow, Mile End

For any avid foodie in the UK, I’m sure you’ve been unable to avoid the fact that today is ‘National Burger Day’. I’m fully expecting to see my Twitter feed exploding with pictures of delicious burgers that’ll have my tummy rumbling in the office all morning!

You may have seen my post yesterday about being an Asda Butcher’s Apprentice for an evening (it was so much fun!). They’ve given me an interesting infographic on how eating a burger is in fact a ‘multi sensory experience’ and as such, how to create the perfect burger. Some of my foodie friends are burger obsessed, always on the hunt for the best new burger in town, so I’m sure they’ll agree with this concept.


To mark National Burger Day, I thought I would include a review of Greedy Cow in Mile End, which is long overdue! It’s my favourite burger place in London and I think it’s often massively overlooked because it’s not anywhere particularly ‘trendy’.  I used to live a 15 minute walk away and I’m missing it a lot since we moved away from the area. They also do a lovely range of starters, steaks and puds, but as this is a post about burgers, I’m focusing on their burger dishes.

Screenshot 2015-08-26 13.22.47

Greedy Cow was established by two brothers who wanted to offer high quality burgers and steaks but at a reasonable price in the East End. But what I really like about the restaurant is how they started introducing more exotic meats, such as wagyu, kangaroo, bison and even crocodile! It certainly might not be for everyone, but I like a place that tries to do something different, and does it well. The first time I went to Greedy Cow was around the time that American burger chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys were launching in the UK. And while these were great, they weren’t doing anything particularly different.

I’ve tried to order a different burger each time I’ve visited Greedy Cow. I tend to get stuck in a ‘burger rut’ in other popular burger chains, but because the variety is so good here, I like to mix it up a little! So far I’ve tried the Indian burger (lamb marinated in Indian spices, topped with homemade mango chutney, raita and an onion bhaji), the Italian burger (melted mozzarella topped with Parma ham), the Mexican burger (sour cream, guacamole, spicy salsa and jalapeño peppers), the Chinese burger (sliced breast of duck with spring onions, sesame seeds and hoi sin sauce) and the Wild Boar burger (as you can tell, I’ve been quite a few times!).

With all of these burgers, you can add additional toppings including some of my faves; portobello mushroom, goat’s cheese, dry cured bacon and avocado, for £1.15 each. And in terms of sides, you can choose from ‘greedy chips’ (freshly cut, twice-cooked skin on), sweet potato fries, onion rings, mashed potato, mac ’n’ cheese, salad or coleslaw. 

All of the burgers I’ve listed above have been delicious and always reasonably priced. I’ve never spent more than around £10-15 when I’ve been in there for lunch, usually consisting of a burger, a side and a drink or two.

If this has got your mouth watering, check out their website here. If you’re planning on visiting, I’d recommend booking in advance as it’s a small, cosy restaurant. 

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