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The Best Burger of MY LIFE at Honest Burgers, Tooting

For a long, long time, I’d been meaning to pay a visit to Honest Burgers. I’d heard rave reviews and knew I would love it, but just didn’t get round to it. On Friday night, Tim and I made a fairly spontaneous decision to go there for dinner in Tooting on the way home. And I’m so glad I did, because I had the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. That’s a bold statement. But I’m sticking by it… (please excuse the photos – I didn’t have my good camera with me as I wasn’t expecting to go for dinner).

I ordered the Special – Beef, Black Forest Bacon, Bavarian Smoked Cheddar, Sauerkraut and Currywurst Sauce. All burgers are served with Rosemary Salted Chips.


Now I’ve tried a lot of burgers, many of which I’ve written about on here. So you might be wondering what made this one so great.

1. The burger itself was delicious. Honest Burgers source their meat from Ginger Pig butchers, which as regular readers will know, I’m a huge fan of. They dry age their meat and you can absolutely taste the difference, even in their burgers.

2. It was also cooked to perfection for me. It was actually the rarest burger I’ve ever eaten in the UK. In the US I’ve been served extremely rare burgers but I’ve since learned that you shouldn’t serve mince very rare. Either way, it was soft and juicy, and spectacular!


3. The bun was soft and tasty.

4. The burger and bun was the perfect size. It was a bit smaller than other burger chains, but that didn’t matter. In fact, it made it easier to eat. You could pick it up and eat it with both hands, without having to cut it up with a knife and fork, and have everything spilling out of the sides.

5. Lastly, the flavour combination of the bacon, sauerkraut and currywurst sauce just worked perfectly and was unlike any other burger I’ve had before. I’m sure my German friends would appreciate it too!

So there you go, all of the above is why it was the best burger I’ve ever had. But there were other elements to the meal which made it so great. The rosemary fries were delicious and I appreciated the fact that they automatically came with the burger rather than having to order and pay extra.

We also ordered some chicken wings as a side which were lovely, and I had an Honest Cocktail: Blackdown English Vodka, Apple and Cucumber Puree. I love anything with cucumber in it, so this was ideal, and so refreshing.

IMG_7385   IMG_7382

So as you can imagine, I will definitely be returning, sooner rather than later! (and hopefully taking some better photos!)

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  1. An interesting read, and it’s great to see people who are passionate about their food. I wonder, did Honest Burgers provide you with any information about the risks of eating undercooked burgers when you visited the premises? Did you know that there’s a serious risk of contracting E. coli O157 food poisoning by eating rare burgers? I’d be interested in your views as a consumer, because this evening I’ll be posting a talk on why I consider the risks to be unacceptable. If you’d like to comment on the post when it comes up about 9 o’clock tonight, you can see it at http://www.patrickmackie.wordpress.com.
    I will be writing up the talk later this evening and will link to your blog post as an example of how consumers are perceiving rare burgers as an option when eating out.


    • Thanks for your comment Patrick. I actually did mention that I’d heard it wasn’t the best to eat burgers very rare but only briefly as I didn’t think it was the right kind of post for it. It’s an interesting point and I’ll look forward to reading your post on it. I think from my perspective as an average joe consumer, I’m prepared to take the risk as I like the flavour and texture. I’m probably an idiot for saying/thinking that, but you could ask the same of why people smoke or drink alcohol. I’m sure that Honest Burgers wouldn’t be putting people at risk as they’re a well established company so you would need to speak to them to get their take on it. M


      • Thanks for your response. It’s interesting to see how people perceive risk and the balance of freedom of choice for the informed adult consumer. I’ve included your comments on a post on the subject at http://www.patrickmackie.wordpress.com together with a link back to your post. I’ve also emailed Honest Burgers to find out what information they do provide to consumers, and whether they also serve burgers to kids “medium” or “pink”, which would be alarming.


  2. We had such a disappointing experience with Honest Burgers when they first opened in Tooting and we’ve never gone back since… they’ve obviously upped their game now!


      • Admittedly we got our to takeaway but we’re less than 5 mins away, and when we got it home the patty was dry and the chips were soggy… and everything just really bland!


      • Oh wow! Yeah in that case is definitely recommend giving them another go as the total opposite to what we experienced xx


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