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Superstar Korean BBQ, Tottenham Court Road

The lovely Lauren of Elle Bloggs kindly invited me to join her for dinner at Korean Superstar BBQ recently. It was in an area near Tottenham Court Road which I’d never been to before (St Giles) with quite a few restaurants and pubs. Useful to know now that I’m working just around the corner! I really didn’t know what to expect from a Korean BBQ, but was certainly intrigued! (I didn’t look up the menu beforehand as I like to be surprised!)

The restaurant itself is hard to miss – it’s glass fronted all the way around with big hanging lights.


We were seated at our table and found that the BBQ was actually in the middle of the table itself, inset into it. I’ve cooked food on hot stones in restaurants before but never quite like this.


The waitress gave us some recommendations and we ended up ordering the following:

To Drink

Bok Bun Ja (raspberry wine)


Raspberry Cocktail & Mango Cocktail


To Eat


Chilli Squid


Yuk Hwae (beef tartare with pear and egg yolk)


For the BBQ:

Tiger Prawns

Belly Pork

Marinated Lamb

Eringi Mushrooms

Lettuce and Miso Paste



Apparently the traditional way to eat this BBQ’d food is with some sauce between lettuce leaves, which we tried. I liked it, but I must admit, it felt a bit like having a ‘skinny’ burger in a restaurant, leaving out the bread. Still, no harm in being more healthy! The meats we cooked were very good and I loved the squid.

We then finished off the meal with a rather unusual dessert – a sundae with korean ice creams (e.g. red bean and black sesame) and fruits.


I really enjoyed it! It’s hard to explain what the flavour is like, I’d just recommend visiting the restaurant and giving it a try for yourself! The staff were all really lovely and helpful, you’re bound to have a good time!

SuperStar BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


I was invited to review Superstar BBQ as Lauren’s guest but did not receive any payment. All views are my own.

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