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A Spooky Ale for Halloween – Old Spirited Hen

You may have read in some of my previous posts that I love Halloween! This year it has come around so quickly that I haven’t done anywhere near as much as I would have liked to for it. But earlier in the week, I learned of a Limited Edition ale from Old Speckled Hen, aptly named ‘Old Spirited Hen’ – obviously I had to try it!

Old Spirited Hen is a Toffee Apple flavoured ale; at first you experience the richness of the toffee, followed by the fruitiness of the apple and then kick of the liqueur. Presented in the iconic ale bottle, but with new orange and black hues, it fits the spooky theme! It’s really tasty, and the perfect beverage from today through to Bonfire Night.


*Image from Metro.co.uk

If you fancy giving it a go, it’s available at Tesco in-store and online for £1.79 for a 500ml bottle. Have a great Halloween everyone, don’t eat too many sweets! 😉


I was sent samples by Old Speckled Hen and Popcorn PR for review purposes, but did not receive any payment. All views are my own.


  1. blimeyawesomegrub says

    I really fancied some of this so off I trotted to tesco and my local one had none -so a trip to the bigger one and yea..bought half a dozen. Rather liked it but would not be drinking every night got a bit sweet after the third one…


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