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Send Me Down The Slopes With Crystal Ski!

One of the things I’d most like to be good at in this life is skiing. Tim is an amazing skier. So is his sister, especially after working some ski seasons. Most of my friends are, too. I’m very much the odd one out. As regular readers of the blog will know, I do love some of the finer things in life (who wouldn’t, right?!) and skiing is one of those luxury experiences that I haven’t yet embraced.

We actually had ski slopes in Cyprus, believe it or not – the theory was that you could spend your morning skiing in the mountains and afternoon swimming in the sea, which technically was possible (although you might emerge from the water a little shrivelled. Less Aphrodite, more prune-like!) My school friends and I went on a few trips to the mountains to ski, just on the practice slope, which usually ended in much hilarity.


They’ll probably kill me for posting this, but here’s a little glimpse into our skiing inability (circa 2008, so please excuse the low video quality)! I’m fortunate enough to be the one filming it – keep an eye out for the three people on the top right of the screen, skiing across the slope to the left, all dressed in red. Please note, no other skiers were harmed in the making of this video (surprisingly!) 😉

Going on a proper skiing holiday would be a dream for me – the locations are always incredible, just picture perfect, and along with the amazing accommodation with log fires and gourmet food, I couldn’t think of anything better. But then there’s the skiing. Kind of the big bit.

I’ve been too scared of going on a group skiing holiday with our friends in fear of the Bridget Jones scene playing out in front of me. With me desperately trying not to fall flat on my face in a pink ski suit while Tim glides off down the slope with the beautiful and talented Rebecca Gillies.


I need some time, just him and I, learning how to do things from scratch (he’s surprisingly patient, and a good teacher!). When I heard about Crystal Ski‘s competition to select blogger ambassadors, regardless of skiing prowess, I figured this couldn’t have been more of a perfect opportunity to give it a go!

They asked which ‘character’ I would be, out of Apres Animal, Mile Muncher, Gadget Guru, The Unstoppables or Piste Princess. As I’m sure you can guess, I had to go for the latter! I considered a ‘day in the life’ of  Piste Princess, and this is what I came up with.

9.30am: Wake up after a blissful night’s sleep in a huge bed in our chalet (big enough for Tim not to invade my space!), with lots of pillows and a thick, cosy duvet. Pull back the curtains to a beautiful snowy landscape, with blue skies and sun. Breakfast brought to me in bed; smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, truffled hollandaise, and a strong coffee.


10.30am: With my newly purchased skiing gear (a lot of planning will have gone into this back home in London), we get ready to hit the slopes. Given my lack of skiing skills, I would start with some basic lessons and then hope that Tim can teach me for the rest of the day.


Midday: Lunch time. One of the best times of the day! We put down the skis and snuggle up in a cute little restaurant, pop open the champagne and tuck into some meats and cheeses. Heaven!


2pm: Head back out to ski (hopefully by this point I’ve gained confidence and have built up some speed). Tim heads out to ski for a short while by himself (I’m not quite on the black ski slopes yet!) so I head to a cafe for a warming hot choccie (or perhaps an Espresso Martini!) and enjoy some people watching.


4pm: A bit more skiing and I’ve really cracked it now! After a successful day, it’s time to hit the spa and relax after an energetic day!


7pm: After some pamper time and getting my hair done, it’s time for dinner. We head out to the very best restaurant in the resort and have a candlelit seafood dinner, with lots of good white wine and chat about the day’s skiing.


10pm: Full of lots of yummy food and drink, we head back to the chalet for a whisky nightcap and a dip in the outdoor hot tub!


So what do you think? Do you fancy seeing me flying down the slopes? Will Crystal Ski be brave enough to send a skiing noob out to be an ambassador? It will certainly make for some entertaining reading and viewing!


  1. Le Coin de Mel says

    I love your style! We’ve gone for The Unstoppables for the family and I, but after reading your post, I would quite fancy a bit of luxury, breakfast in bed and refined food…


    • Awww thank you! Just read your post, love it! Sounds like you’ve got a ton of experience, would love to have been good at skiing for a long time 🙂 xx


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