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Masha Meringue Challenge – Fig & Honey Pavlova

As I’ve mentioned on here before, I love making meringue! Meringue Girls is one of my favourite cookery books (baking books?) and I’ll find any excuse to try out a new recipe. I started out doing them completely by hand (with a hand whisk) as I found it easier to control, but after one episode of trying to whisk 8 egg whites and my arm nearly falling off, I had to upgrade to electric!

I was recently invited to try out a ‘Masha’ from the a range – a kitchen device with a two different aerator blades, making it the perfect tool for things like meringues and mashed potatoes.


My Mum recently came to stay and after a busy day in London together, I didn’t have a huge amount of time to prepare a dessert for dinner, so I thought a pavlova would be quick and easy to do. I decided to make it with figs and honey, here’s how I did it:


6 large free-range egg whites

300g caster sugar

5 tablespoons of PS Lambis Honey, melted

4 fresh figs


I preheated the oven to 150 degrees and used the masha to whisk the egg whites in a bowl until they formed stiff peaks.

Next I added the sugar in batches, whisking with the masha, until the meringue was thick (the trick is to tip the bowl upside down above your head – if it doesn’t pour out, it’s thick enough and ready!)

I lined two baking tins with non-stick baking paper and poured out just over half of the mixture onto one, and the rest onto the other, forming them into round meringues. These then went into the oven for an hour.

In a clean bowl, I whisked up 200ml of fresh double cream with the masha. I mixed a bit of the melted honey in with the cream.

Lastly I removed the meringues from the oven and after allowing them to cool slightly, I put three quarters of the cream on top of the bigger meringue, and then placed the smaller meringue on top. I then put the remaining cream on top of the smaller meringue, to be able to hold the sliced figs in place.

Lastly, I drizzled the honey over the whole dish.



The masha was really easy to use. I got frustrated to begin with, as I felt like it was taking ages to get the egg whites to the thickness they needed to be, but I soon realised I needed to be making an ‘up and down’ motion more like a potato masher, rather than a circular motion, like I would normally do with a whisk. I was a bit worried as they went into the oven, as it wasn’t how I’m used to doing meringues. But they came out absolutely fine, exactly as I would have hoped – crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. It was also easy to hold (lighter than my electric whisk) and quick to clean. I’ve yet to use it for mashing potatoes, but it’s on my to-do list to try out. If it’s as simple as it was for the meringue and the whipped cream, it’ll be great!

If you’d like to give it a go, you can pick up a Masha for £34.99 from the a range here.


I was sent a Masha for review purposes by Rumour PR and the a range , but did not receive any payment. All views are my own.

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