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Christmas Brekkies with Brioche Pasquier

If you can’t get hold of Tim and I on a Saturday or Sunday around 10/11am, the likeliness is we’re out at one of our favourite local breakfast spots! Christmas is a time of eating a LOT of food, and breakfast should be no exception. So much emphasis is placed on Christmas dinner, but I love to start the day right. We usually have smoked salmon on some form of bread (toast, bagel, croissant), sometimes with scrambled egg, and a healthy amount of bucks fizz!

Brioche Pasquier sent me some of their yummy products to try out, which got me thinking about Christmas breakfasts in France and around the world. Brioche Pasquier (in case you hadn’t guessed by the name!) is a French company, started in 1936 by Gabriel Pasquier in a small village bakery in Les Cerqueux, France. Fast forward to 2015 and over 4 million Brioche Pasquier products are enjoyed every day!


A French breakfast is one of my favourite kinds, with so many delicious pastries, cheese and chocolate. When I used to travel fairly often to Paris for work, I always made sure I got up in plenty of time to enjoy the hotel breakfast. Brioche Pasquier sent me a brioche loaf, pain au lait, pain au chocolat and croissants, which would make a gorgeous Christmas morning meal, to nibble on while opening presents and sipping champagne. We tried the brioche loaf with salmon and cream cheese and the croissants with ham and slices of cheese. Very yummy indeed!

I wondered what other countries eat for breakfast on Christmas morning. I’ve got quite an international bunch of friends on Facebook so I asked the question and did a bit of research online. As I suspected, most of the cooking is saved for the lunch/dinner, but I was able to find the following which are either eaten on Christmas morning or over the festive period:

In the morning, the oldest daughter of the house dresses in white and wears a wreath with seven lit candles on her head. She serves the other members of the family breakfast in bed.


Black Cake is a must in the Caribbean. They often run out of eggs due to the abundance of black cakes being baked!


In Spain, people usually eat an epiphany cake called Roscón de Reyes.


Mexico / Central America
On Christmas morning, hot coffee and bunuelos are consumed to start the day just right!


At breakfast on Christmas Eve morning, people here have rice porridge with cinnamon, sugar and milk. An almond is hidden in the porridge and whoever finds it first is supposed to have good luck the next year (potentially even getting married – a bit like catching a bouquet at a wedding!)


If you’re from any of these places and feel that they’re not quite accurate or if you have any to add, please let me know in the comments – I’m happy to include as many as possible!

So what will you be having for breakfast on Christmas morning? Less than a week to go now! If you fancy trying out any of Brioche Pasquier’s products and giving your Christmas morning a bit of a French feel, you can find out more on their website here. All of the products are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours, and are suitable for vegetarians.


This is a sponsored post in association with Brioche Pasquier

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