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Lunch at Dip & Flip, Tooting

When Tim and I saw that there was a Dip & Flip opening near us in Tooting, I was seriously excited! I’d been to similar restaurants during previous work trips to America and the concept is amazing – burgers and sandwiches dipped in gravy! There’s a full description of the difference between a ‘dip’, a ‘flip’ and a ‘dip and flip’ on their website here.

Dip & Flip roast carefully sourced beef bones to a rich golden brown and then simmer them with organic vegetables and herbs. Roasting juices from the bottom of the pan are added to the broth along with a few other ‘little beefy secrets’. The restaurant is already located in Battersea and Wimbledon, and the new branch opened this weekend in Tooting, so we had to be one of the first to try it out! The restaurant is fairly casual and laid back in design, with cute wooden ‘school-style’ chairs and American-style art on the walls, with waiter service (all of the staff were really friendly and the place definitely had an opening weekend buzz about it!)


We both went for Dip & Flip burgers –  a cheeseburger with sliced roast beef (Tim had this one) or lamb (I went for this one), dunked in gravy, served with ketchup, mustard, pickles and slaw. We also ordered some cheese, fries and gravy.


There is one thing I need to point out about Dip & Flip – it is MESSY! You might wonder why there’s a whole kitchen roll on each table, which might look a bit unsightly, but you’ll soon appreciate it. This isn’t first (or even second!) date territory! But you just need to embrace it, it’ll all be worth it. It’s meaty, cheesy, bready goodness, and the gravy just adds a whole new level to it.


If I’m completely honest, I wasn’t blown away by the lamb in the burger. It was a bit strange to have lamb on top of a beef burger, with mustard on the top. I knew what I was getting myself into, but I think it was a bit too strange a combination, and I usually love all things meaty! It might have been better with a bit of mint sauce in it. They serve ‘dips’ (beef or lamb sandwiches without the beef burgers) which do indeed include horseradish and mint sauce respectively – I think I’ll give this a go the next time. But the meat on its own was really tasty and the chips were amazing! I remember going into a kebab shop with my friend Kelly (a fellow Northerner) when we first moved to London and asked for cheesy chips, to be presented with a carton of chips with a square slice of burger cheese lying on top! A lot of places don’t know how to do cheesy chips, but Dip & Flip certainly does. And as for the gravy. Oh the gravy…

I can’t wait to go back again!

Dip & Flip Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. This is literally about 5 mins from our flat and we’ve now walked past it about 10 times – definitely one to try soon!


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