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A Little Lusciousness Valentine’s Supper Club

I started this blog a year ago, and fairly soon after, I met fellow food blogger Rosie of A Little Lusciousness at a chocolate baking class. We bumped into each other at a few events after that and I learned more about the amazing supper club which she runs, also named A Little Lusciousness. She’s the top rated chef on Grub Club, the leading website that allows you to book tickets for supper clubs and is in the midst of writing her own cookbook inspired by the seasons and surroundings.


I’d been wanting to go along to one of her acclaimed supper clubs for so long, and finally had the opportunity to go on Valentine’s weekend with Tim. We’d had a few bad experiences going to big restaurants in London on Valentine’s Day so this seemed like the perfect alternative, plus it was a chance for Tim to pop his supper club cherry 😉

It was hosted in a gorgeous little cafe/restaurant in West London, and we were just salivating over the menu:

Sparkling welcome cocktail made with Sipsmith gin

Seared mackerel with blood orange and rhubarb, pickled leeks, homemade bread and whipped butter

Duck breast, cauliflower puree, radicchio and savoy cabbage, pomegranate carrots, blood orange sauce

Rum soaked blood orange and almond cake, rhubarb ice cream

British cheeseboard with homemade biscuits and chutney

Spiced chocolate truffles with Teapigs tea or coffee





Unfortunately my camera and I are just not seeing eye to eye at the moment, so annoyingly the photos don’t really do the food justice – it was all incredible and the flavours worked so brilliantly. I really liked how certain ingredients such as the blood orange and rhubarb were used across different courses, as it gave a nice theme to the meal, while being able to enjoy those ingredients cooked in different ways.

These events are BYO, so we took along a bottle of red and white, the latter of which was placed in the fridge until we were ready to drink it.

Supper clubs are a great opportunity to meet new people, and we happened to be sitting with some lovely couples. Two of them had been given Grub Club vouchers for Christmas, something that I didn’t even know existed, so I’d highly recommend buying them as gifts for friends and family. It makes a really unique present and the recipient will be sure to have a great experience.

If you’d like to visit Rosie’s supper club (and you absolutely should!), these are her upcoming dates (that haven’t sold out yet – she’s a popular lady!):

Saturday 2nd April in West London (£40.00)

Saturday 9th April at Barts (£36.00)

A big thank you to Rosie for such wonderful cooking and hosting – it was a superb evening!




  1. Really interested in your review as my experience completely different! I was sat with a fellow food blogger and chef and we both remarked how under whelmed we were! Maybe Rosie was having an off night but I’d really struggle to recommend based on my rather disappointing experience!


      • The mackerel starter was promising and the high point which was a great opener! Things just seemed to change from that point on. Obviously there was an issue with timings and I suspect oven space as the duck was served in various shades from well done to way beyond pink and verging on a bloody red! The dessert just didn’t work either although I do normally like the combination of those flavours and I thought the cheeses were just rather average, considering that there’s such a wide variety of amazing cheeses available to caterers in the London area. I do realise that these things are completely subjective. My first Grubb Club was at Billingsgate Fish Market last year and was amazing! I have kind of used that as my benchmark. Do check out my Blog too! Timsfoodandwinetravels.com


      • Thanks Tim! Yes maybe the timings is something I should have mentioned, but to be honest we were all chatting so much and enjoying the company, the timings didn’t really bother us too much. But I’m sure Rosie will take all of this feedback on board. Billingsgate Market is always going to be a high benchmark! But hopefully you still had a good evening. Will check out your blog too!


      • Thanks Megan, look forward to following yours too! Do you have a special bottle lined up for the #openthatbottlenight tomorrow?


      • Well it’s actually our wedding anniversary tomorrow so we’ll be sure to have something nice with lunch 🙂


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