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Staying at The BodyHoliday, St Lucia 

It’s now time to talk about the second half of our holiday in St Lucia at The BodyHoliday hotel. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was looking for something a bit more chilled out for this part of the trip and The BodyHoliday looked ideal!

We were picked up via private transfer (all thanks to Turquoise Holidays who we booked the trip with) and driven all the way along the West coast road from Soufriere to Castries. It was such an enjoyable journey – we travelled through lots of places I’d been researching for the holiday, so it was helpful to get a feel for where they were all located for future reference. Our driver was very knowledgeable with lots of St Lucia anecdotes. At one point he told us to look out for the man with an anaconda at the upcoming bus stop. We thought we’d misheard him but indeed there he was, with a snake wrapped round his neck, and is apparently a bit of a tourist attraction!

The weather in Soufriere had been a little bit wet at times given the rainforest location – it always passed within a few minutes, but it meant that sunbathing was a bit tricky, as I’m not talking about a trickle of rain here but a full on downpour! Fortunately we had lots of activities planned while we were staying there so it didn’t matter, but we were really hoping the weather would be constantly sunny in the North. And indeed it was. In fact, as soon as we started heading away from Soufriere and the pitons, it became increasingly sunny. Something to bear in mind if you’re planning to book a holiday to St Lucia and you’re a bit of a sun worshipper!

Pulling up to the hotel, with the sun shining on its beautiful pastel and cream walls, we couldn’t wait to explore.


Our room was lovely, with a terrace opening right out to the beach, and another very big bathroom!DSCN5463DSCN5471


We were on an all inclusive basis so we were able to head straight down to the buffet and have some lunch right by the beach, with a lovely crisp glass of white wine! The buffet selection was excellent and of a very high quality. The BodyHoliday’s motto is “give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind” and this was reflected in their food. They want to allow you to eat whatever you want, whether that’s something a little indulgent or something super healthy, all the while with fresh, local ingredients. It was nice to have the option – some parts of the stay I was in a particularly healthy mood and fancied a salad and a smoothie, other times I was all about the local curry and bread! There were a number of different restaurants within the resort – Cariblue (buffet style as mentioned, where breakfast was also served), The Bar, The Deli and Tao restaurant.


One thing I will say about restaurants in St Lucia is that they love their dim lighting! I therefore regretfully didn’t get a huge amount of food photos while we were at The BodyHoliday but I did manage to capture our beautiful meal at TAO on our final evening, as there was a bit more light!

We ordered the following:

King Crab Cakes, with Asian slaw, spiced apple puree, wasabi mayo and caper sauce

Pancakes Peking Duck, with plum and hoisin sauce, cucumber, carrots and spring onions 

East N West: Grilled USDA striploin with peppered shrimp, parmesan and olive oil mash, caramelized onions and teriyaki sauce

TAO Signature Chocolate Fondant with Lucian vanilla pod ice cream and sweet cookie

Banana Apricot Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding with butterscotch ice cream and toffee bananas


It was one of the best Asian style meals I’ve had in a long time, even rivalling some of the best in London, so it was particularly impressive that it was all part of our all inclusive package.

The hotel also had another very nice restaurant feature – Afternoon Tea every day! This became a daily ritual, once the sun started to go down and the chilling on the beach came to an end, we would move over to The Bar right next to the sand and enjoy a selection of sandwiches, cakes, scones and teas. It was without a doubt one of the best locations I’ve ever had an Afternoon Tea!


So I’ve covered the food, now I’ll move on to the treatments. Located on a hill above the infinity pool was the Wellness Centre. It was literally like a little temple, I just adored it and could have spent a lot of time in there just relaxing! And the best part was, you were entitled to one free 50 minute treatment per person, per day.


While we were there, I had the following:

Full Body Serenity Massage, with lavender oils

Lucian Lime & Ginger Scrub

Coconut & Spice Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage

Far Infrared Treatment: This ‘infrared sauna’ lets your body absorb infrared rays, elevating your internal body temperature, increasing blood circulation, improving joint mobility and boosting your immune system.

They were all amazing and left me feeling completely relaxed, with my skin incredibly smooth!


In addition to the treatments and access to the gym, the hotel ran a huge number of sports and activity classes each day, ranging from spinning to tai chi, and even cheese and wine tasting (which we obviously went to!)


I would have loved to have taken part in more classes but as we arrived right after hiking the Gros Piton (which you can read and have a giggle at here, if you haven’t already!)  I could literally barely walk for a day and a half, let alone get on a bicycle or dance! So it was more about the relaxation for me, although I did go to a couple of archery classes as I loved it as a child and it doesn’t ask much of the legs!!! This was a lot of fun and I picked up some new tips!


There were lots of opportunities to do excursions and take part in external activities (at extra cost), but we’d done what we wanted to do in that respect when we were in Soufriere. Still, it was good to know that the options were there.

We literally had to be torn away on our final day – we could easily have spent a lot longer there. If you’d like to take a look into the hotel, you can find out more on their website here.

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