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Dinner at Foxlow, Balham

One of my first reviews on this blog was Foxlow in Clerkenwell, which you might have read early last year. If not, you can give it a read here. A few weeks ago I tried out the Balham location with my friend Jo. I’d been wanting to go there for ages, especially since it had opened up last year close to where we live.

We had fantastic steaks when we visited the Clerkenwell restaurant and this is what they’re largely known for. Their website has a great description about where they source their meat and ingredients from:

Steaks come from well-loved native breed cattle reared by the multi-award winning The Ginger Pig in North Yorkshire. Sustainable seafood caught off the South Coast comes straight from Brixham fishermen each morning. And our fried chicken is made with slow-grown herb fed Yorkshire Ross chickens. We also use charcuterie from Cobble Lane in Islington, raw sheep’s milk ‘London Fettle’ from the fledgling Kupros Dairy, Brockley’s amazing Graceburn cheese and sourdough from the Little Bread Peddler in Bermondsey. 

All good as far as I’m concerned! As we were just having a girlie catch up, it felt a bit extravagant to get on the beef, so we decided on the fried chicken, which I hadn’t eaten in ages! But first we went for some snacks – Anchovy & Goat’s Butter Crisps and Pea Guacamole, both of which were delicious. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of making pea guacamole at home, but I will be from now on!


The fried chicken arrived and there was a LOT of it! But it was perfectly breaded and the chicken fell off the bone. It didn’t feel as naughty as certain other establishments where you might buy fried chicken (!!)


We ordered a few sides with it, Fries with Herb Salt, Little Gem with Twineham Grange Dressing and Macaroni Cheese. The latter was indulgent and delicious. We didn’t actually realise the chicken was served with a side salad, so the little gem unfortunately went to waste.


We were tempted by desserts – I went for the rhubarb soft serve sundae (I’m such a sucker for soft serve, it brings back memories of the ice cream van and ‘Mr Whippy’ as a child) and Jo ordered the cheeseboard. It wasn’t served with any biscuits, which we thought was rather odd. As much as we’d both happily tuck into a block of cheese. Upon asking, we realised this was indeed a mistake and the biscuits came forth!


On both visits to Foxlow I had a great time although I did manage to spend quite a lot on both occasions. The little snacks and the sides do make the bill add up, but I feel like it’s worth it for the great quality meat and tasty dishes.

If you’d like to find out more about Foxlow, you can visit their website here.

Foxlow Balham Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I went to Follow and ordered the fried chicken after I saw your pic! We went with a couple of friends and went a little overboard with the food and wine, so yes, completely agree – it can add up swiftly!


  2. purleygirly says

    I love the roast dinners at the one in Clerkenwell. I need to try the Balham one, and I hear their cocktail bar The Owl?) is pretty good too.


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