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Competition: Getting the most out of your herbs with NuCasa

I recently tried out a new Typhoon oil infuser and mezzaluna from NuCasa. I adore cooking with fresh herbs – it completely transforms a dish and I always use fresh herbs whenever possible. In Spring we planted lavender, rosemary and thyme in the garden, and it has been fantastic being able to pop outside and pick some for our cooking adventures.

I’d been wanting to try out an oil infuser for some time now – I love flavoured oils and so being able to do the flavouring bit myself sounded like a lot of fun. The infuser from NuCasa is attractive to look at and very lightweight. The bottle and removable infuder section are made from mouth-blown, hand-finished glass, making each one unique! The bung is made from silicone and has a twist open and closed function, to keep the oil as fresh as possible.

I filled mine with fresh rosemary, which was perfect for our Sunday roast lamb – I allowed it to infuse overnight and it was lovely!


I also tried out a mezzaluna for the first time, something else I’d been meaning to buy for the kitchen for ages.I tested it out with a variety of herbs and it was very simple and easy to use. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to grip and maintain the rocking motion needed to cut the herbs. You can also scoop the herbs up with the handy clip on the cover. I used it for herbs, but it can also be used for garlic, fruits, vegetables and so on.


Now you might have seen in the title of this post that I mentioned a competition. That’s because NuCasa are running a competition via Rafflecopter to give away one of each of these lovely products.

Just head over to

Competition Terms:
Start: Tuesday 6th September
End: Tuesday 20th September
Winner will be announced by Friday 23rd September

Follow the NuCasa Twitter account @NuCasaUK (

To find out more about NuCasa, you can visit their website here.


I was sent an oil infuser and mezzaluna for review purposes by NuCasa and Team Organic but did not receive any payment. All views are my own..

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