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Cooking Cabrito Goat Meat and ‘Goatober’

Growing up in Cyprus, we were quite literally surrounded by goats – we didn’t eat them (that we knew of!), but we ate cheese produced from their milk on a near daily basis.

I was therefore so saddened to learn recently that a huge number of male goats (estimated 40,000 per year) are killed at birth because they are simply not needed. Goats cheese is in such high demand that goats are being bred for the female goats to continue to produce milk. There’s an interesting article about this on Munchies here, if you’d like to read more into this (and I recommend you do). Now a number of companies, such as Cabrito, are encouraging people to eat goat meat and to ensure these billies aren’t dying in vain.

I recently tried out goat meat for the first time at Gourmet Goat in Borough Market – an absolute must-try if you’re in the area. It was delicious with a unique and very ‘meaty’ flavour. After this, I was keen to try it out at home, so I bought a boneless joint from Cabrito (via Ocado).


Cabrito was founded by James Whetlor after keeping a few goats to solve a land management problem, while he was cooking at River Cottage. After overwhelming popularity for his goat dishes on the menu, he saw an opportunity to start up his own business. Importantly, all Cabrito kids are a by-product of the dairy industry and would have otherwise been euthanized shortly after birth. They now have a network of farms producing high quality meat from a previously wasted resource.

And from tomorrow it’s officially ‘Goatober‘! Cabrito is partnering with some of the best restaurants in the country to launch the UK’s inaugural Goatober campaign. The month long celebration of the dairy billy goat meat industry will see the ETM Group, HIX Group, River Cottage Canteens, Shotgun BBQ, I’ll be Mother and Romy’s Kitchen putting a goat dish pride of place on their menus and urging diners to try delicious goat meat.


I found a recipe online for goat meat which I was planning to share on here, but to be completely honest, it didn’t really work. It was one of those recipes when the chef ‘instinct’ in you is sure it’s wrong, but because it’s on a reputable website, you stick with it. But the consistency of the sauce just wasn’t right and so I decided not to share. However it still did taste delicious – it was cooked in a similar way to lamb, with anchovies, garlic and rosemary. We served with some roasted Mediterranean vegetables and it was superb, and poured the sauce from my goat pouring jug (as you can see, I love goats!)


I’ll definitely be buying some more, I just wish I did my weekly shop via Ocado, otherwise I’d buy it all the time. I bought a joint, but they also sell it diced, as chops, mince, sausages and meatballs, so there’s something for everyone.

You can find out more on Cabrito’s website here.


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