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Lunch at Le Camerelle, Capri

You may have read my last post about exploring Capri – if not, you can check it out here.

While we were there, we wanted to go somewhere nice for lunch (obviously, this is Got To Be Gourmet after all!) but we were going for a fancy (and rather expensive!) dinner that evening back in Sorrento, so we didn’t want to go too overboard. It seems to be quite tricky to find places around both Sorrento and Capri that are reasonably priced but aren’t very touristy. I’m all for basic hearty Italian food, but I want to know that it’s actually genuine. We stumbled across a restaurant called Le Camerelle in Capri old town which was just what we wanted – a lovely setting with fresh Italian pasta and seafood.

We were seated outside in our own quaint little two-seater shaded booth with a gorgeous view – there were around 10 of these which lined the street – otherwise you could dine in the main restaurant.


Now the Italians have a course in their meals which I am fully on board with. A pasta course! The thing is, I’m not fully up to speed with how this works. At Kelly’s wedding, we were treated to a starter, followed by a pasta dish, then a main dish, then dessert. So we were quite prepared to take on this approach for the rest of the weekend!! What was quite confusing was that some of the starter prices were the same price as the main dishes!

For instance, there was fried squid on the menu at Le Camerelle for starter, and grilled squid on the menu for main course, both for the same price. Tim asked if it would be possible to have the grilled squid for starter instead, which they said was fine. And look what emerged from the kitchen…


It was the most impressive (and biggest) squid dish I’d ever seen, particularly for a starter. Tim was gentlemanly enough to let me have a bite (!), and it was absolutely delicious with so much flavour. For my starter I ordered the prawn, olive and orange salad – it doesn’t look quite as extravagant as Tim’s, but it was really tasty. It wasn’t a flavour combination I’d ever thought of putting together, but definitely worked.


For main course we were excited to tuck into our pasta dishes – Tim ordered the seafood linguine and I went for a pasta with sheep’s cheese (of course!) and black pepper. Both dishes were brilliant and once again, Tim’s certainly beat mine in the looks department!


It was a perfect setting and I imagine it would be beautiful at night too. I’d highly recommend it if you’re going to Capri – you can find out more on their website here.

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