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Foodie Finds: Nov 2016

Recently I’ve been so busy with work and social life (a LOT of fabulous hen do’s and weddings, it’s a hard life!) that I simply haven’t had as much time as I used to for the blog, with regards to product reviews. So I’ve decided to start a regular round-up of things I’ve tried recently which I’ve really enjoyed, whether that’s out and about or at home. Here’s a few things I’ve tried and loved over in the past few months…

Miss Millar’s Marshmallows

These lovingly handcrafted marshmallows are packed full of flavour and they’re FAT FREE! – made by two single mums, Fay and Adele, who quit the rat-race to pay the bills and took up more fulfilling jobs in the baking world.


There are now 14 standard flavours available, including a Christmas range (spiced apple, dark chocolate and cranberry, and mulled wine). These marshmallows are also suitable for coeliacs. I tried a range of flavours, although I think my fave was the lemon meringue!


Folkington’s Garden sparkling drinks


Elderflower pressé: Made from wild Elderflowers picked from across the English countryside and blended with a splash of pure lemon juice from Sicily to add a little zest

Rhubarb & Apple pressé: Made from English Scrumptious and Worcester sweet apples specially picked for Folkington’s and blended with Timperley Early rhubarb juice from England

Lemon & Mint pressé: Made from pure Sicilian lemon juice and the essential oils of English grown mint

Ginger Beer: Made from West African ginger root with a little Sicilian Lemon and English rhubarb to add some extra notes

I’ve been trying these out at home recently and I just love them – the flavours are fantastic, especially the rhubab & apple, definitely my fave!

La Saucy Salsa


Over the Summer I was working at BBC Good Food Festival for a client, and La Saucy Salsa was on the stand next door to us – I just had to give them a try and I was blown away by the flavours straight away. There’s a range available, but I went for the Chilli & Garlic and the Parsley, as you can see above. They’re great for dipping but also serving with food – the parsley in particular is great with grilled seafood. Please note that the jars are obviously full to the top, I just had a rather enthusiastic husband who tucked into these before I could take some snaps!

Belper Knolle Cheese from Jumi Cheese


As I’m sure you’ll know by now if you’re a regular reader, I’m cheese obsessed and love to find new ones which I’ve never tried. One such cheese was Belper Knolle which I came across via a cheese company called Jumi Cheese, located in Borough Market. It’s a little ball of hard cheese from Switzerland, infused with garlic and Himalayan salt, then rolled in cracked black pepper – perfect for grating over pasta or vegetables.

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep an eye out for my next Foodie Finds post!


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