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Dinner at Jackson + Rye, Bank

Sometimes you just need some hearty comfort food, and I found exactly that recently at Jackson + Rye, in the City. It opened a few months ago, with other locations in Soho, Chiswick, Kingston, Richmond and Guildford. The City-located restaurant is on Old Jewry, right in the heart of the financial district. Tim and I visited on a Tuesday evening and the bar was incredibly busy – I can see this being a very popular post-work haunt for people working nearby. But you should note that many of said people can be rather noisy, particular en masse! So this probably isn’t the place to go for a quiet romantic meal – expect a lot of buzz and lively atmosphere.


We were seated in the main restaurant and I was (contently!) overwhelmed by the huge menu. There’s something for everyone at Jackson + Rye but as everything sounded so tasty, it was difficult to choose! We ordered some Truffle & Polenta Hush Puppies and Popcorn Chicken as ‘nibbles’ to begin with.


I’ve never paired polenta and truffle before but it worked very well. I could have licked the bowl with the truffle dip clean! The popcorn chicken was also really tasty and both dishes were very good value for money, for around £3-4 each. Other dishes ‘for the table’ on the menu include corn dogs and jumbo shrimps for around the same price. As I said, this menu is BIG!

For starter I ordered the Pulled Pork Cups: gem lettuce filled with a BBQ pulled
pork croquette, pickled cabbage, crispy shallots & coriander.These were really satisfying – a big portion and filled with beautifully tender and rich BBQ pork.


Tim ordered the Salt & Pepper Squid with snap, crackle & pop vermicelli noodles, house sesame & lime pouring sauce, which was well cooked and once again, a generous portion. I’ve never been served noodles with squid before, so that made a nice change.


For main course I ordered something a bit unusual – the Shrimp Burger, in a glazed brioche bun with guacamole, tomato, chili, leaves, chipotle mayo & fries. It was pretty big (there’s a theme here!) and packed full of delicious shrimp meat, the flavour was fantastic.


Tim went for the 18 hour Smoked Beef Short Rib with BBQ sauce, green slaw & fries. This was cooked to perfection, the meat fell off the bone (rather quickly!!) and had a wonderfully smokey taste.


The only thing that I was a bit let down by was the Mac and Cheese. Maybe I’ve been spoiled with some of the Mac and Cheeses(?) I’ve had at restaurants recently; but I expect the macaroni to be quite big and chunky and baked with lots of layers of high quality rich cheese. This one was unfortunately a bit ‘watery’ and I wasn’t a fan of the orange cheese on top. It was ok but just nothing special.


By this point Tim was completely stuffed but I just had to try one of the Sundaes! The sundae menu was a sight to behold! I was tempted by the Banana Split with vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice creams, caramelised banana, butterscotch sauce, mascarpone cream, pistachios & popping candy (I mean, seriously!!) for the fun factor, but in the end my head ruled over my heart and I went for the one which I would actually enjoy the most – the Melting Chocolate Sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie with butterscotch sauce.

You might expect a sundae to emerge from the kitchen in a kitsch 80’s style dessert glass; but this was a much cooler affair. The waiter brought over the dessert served in a stainless steel beaker, with a dome of chocolate peeking out of the top, over which hot chocolate was subsequently poured to turn it into a warm, chocolatey, gooey delight. And it really was a delight, I didn’t want it to end. But alas it did come to an end (rather quickly, particularly after Tim tried some!) and so we headed home very satisfied with very full tummies!


The website describes itself as ‘good home cooked American style food all day long with a great bar and relaxed environment’, which I’d say is spot on. If you’d like to find out more about Jackson + Rye, you can visit their website here. They’re also open for breakfast/brunch and I’ve heard very good things about this menu!

Jackson + Rye Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


I was invited to review Jackson + Rye by Stature PR and Jackson + Rye, but did not receive any payment. All views are my own.

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