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Serious Steak at The Kitty Hawk, Moorgate

I recently visited The Kitty Hawk for dinner, in the heart of the city. It describes itself as an ‘all-day destination for those with a love of food, drink and discovery, infused with a heady blend of London cool and New York glamour’ with five bespoke dining experiences under one roof: The Bar & Kitchen, The Restaurant, The Coffee Bar & Patisserie, The Bar and The Private Dining Room.

We were led downstairs to the main restaurant – I was a little bit scared for my photos when I saw the lighting, but luckily I happened to be sitting right next to a spotlight. I loved the decor and open plan kitchen.


A really nice feature of The Kitty Hawk is the complimentary artisan bread, butter and herb-infused oils, which are prepared for you bespoke to your tastes at a little trolley next to your table. I chose to have thyme in my oil, with onion bread. The restaurant also provides complimentary still or sparkling cucumber water, another nice touch.


The menu at The Kitty Hawk, much like the restaurant itself, is quite big, with starter options across meat, fish, cheese and ‘sharer’ plates. We chose one of the latter, the Steak Tartare. The award-winning Ashdale steak tartare is brought to your table and much like the breads and oils, mixed to taste with shallots, capers, cornichons and mustard, topped with a quail’s egg and served with grilled sourdough.


It was easily one of the best steak tartare dishes I’ve ever had, with high quality beef and the perfect level of spice from the pepper and mustard.

The Kitty Hawk really excels in steak. Their Ashdale beef is sourced from Alec Jarrett, a West Country family business founded in 1926 which uses local farmers to rear the best livestock on open farmland. The beef is dry-aged for 7-10 days and wet-aged for a further 28. We shared once again for main course, this time the 20oz Côte de Boeuf. This was also brought out on a trolley and carved next to the table.


All of the steak sharing plates are served with homemade sauces, smoked tomatoes, roasted garlic, balsamic glazed red onions, fresh English watercress and chunky chips cooked in beef dripping. We also ordered an extra side of Mac N Cheese (because why not?!)…


The steak was beautifully cooked and tender and the portion size was incredibly generous. The roasted garlic was rich and delicious (although I felt sorry for my colleagues the following day, despite plenty of teeth brushing and mints!) A really satisfying, meaty meal.

We were truly stuffed but we wanted to be able to sample everything The Kitty Hawk had to offer, and when we saw the Sundae on the menu, it was difficult to say no – scoops of Cotswold ice cream layered with caramel sauce, vanilla bean cream and seasonal compote, served with chocolate shards, hand-broken meringue and honeycomb.


I don’t think I really need to say how good this was, everything in it was a winner for me!

We really enjoyed our evening at The Kitty Hawk – the service was excellent and there’s a lot of interaction with the waiters/waitresses, as many of the dishes (or certainly the ones we chose) are prepared at the table for you. We really enjoyed this personal touch.

Only minor niggle was that the table was a bit small. There was only two of us, but for the amount of food we ordered and the lovely little extras like the oils, salts, peppers etc, the two seater tables could have done with being slightly bigger given the large size of the restaurant. But hey, that’s just a tiny thing.

The restaurant has such a big menu that we can definitely return again and try a completely different meal. And you might be wondering about the name. We did too, and had to Google it at the end of our dinner, as it was never explained. Kitty Hawk is a location in North Carolina where the Wright brothers did their first controlled flight. So now you know 😉

You can find out more about the restaurant on their website here.

The Kitty Hawk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


I was invited to review The Kitty Hawk by Full Fat and The Kitty Hawk, but did not receive any payment. All views are my own.

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