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The Spa at Goldeneye, Jamaica

It seems like SO long ago since our incredible trip to Jamica at the end of February and rarely a day goes by when I don’t find myself daydreaming about it. You can catch up on my previous posts about where we stayed and the food if you’d like to know more about the resort, Goldeneye. One of its many superb features is the ‘FieldSpa.’ The spa is located right on the lagoon and for us it was directly opposite our cottage – this photo was taken from our terrace.


You can easily canoe or paddle board over to the spa, but we thought we’d go for a wander around the grounds leading up to it, which have cute little messages dotted around reminding you to be quiet and maintain the peacefulness of the area.


There’s a vast menu of treatments at the FieldSpa with massages, body scrubs and wraps, it was difficult to choose. We were booked in for a couple’s session so we could relax and unwind together at the same time, but it was fine for us to choose different treatments. Tim went for a fairly traditional de-stress massage but I thought I’d go for something a bit different, a Bush Bath!

Now ‘what is a Bush Bath?’, I hear you cry! FieldSpa offers three different types of Bush Bath – Cooling, Purifying and Warming, and I chose the latter.

I started by lying on the bed in the treatment room and was given a dry brush exfoliation all over. I was then led out to the enclosed garden area outside where a beautiful bath had been drawn, candlelit and inviting. It was filled with pimento and wild ginger harvested from the resort’s own farm (Pantrepant) designed to soothe muscles and increase circulation.


I was rather alarmed at this point that I was going to have to strip naked. I’d rather naively thought that I’d get in wearing my bikini, but the masseuse warned me the items in the bath might dye the material. So I threw caution to the wind (against all typically British bones in my body!), stripped off and hopped in. It was actually rather liberating! While relaxing in the bath, I was treated to a head and scalp massage as I laid back and listened to the sounds of the wildlife around me – a once in a lifetime experience.


After being left to relax in the water for a few more minutes, I rinsed off in the outdoor rainforest shower and returned to the treatment room for a full body hydrating massage.

It was truly heavenly and completely relaxing. It’s no wonder I keep daydreaming about this holiday while I’m crammed into a busy London tube, or stuck in the office until late. Everyone needs a bit of FieldSpa in their life.

If you’re thinking of visiting Jamaica, I really can’t recommend Goldeneye enough. If the FieldSpa might sway your decision, you can find their full menu of tempting treatments here.

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