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Tasty herb jellies from aix & terra

I haven’t done many full ‘product’ reviews on the blog recently but this one absolutely warranted one. I’ve been trying out these gorgeous herb jellies from aix & terra.

Aix & terra is a French company which began its story in 2010 in Aix en Provence. It started out as a small shop located in Richelme, well known for its lively and vibrant market place. It was discovered by a couple named Marina and Richard who had recently left Paris and relocated to Mirmande. Marina (originally from Barcelona) and Richard (born in Marseille) fell in love with its artisan products straight away and bought the shop.


Alongside the shop itself, Marina and Richard started to reinvent recipes using the culinary expertise of the Provence region, from their kitchen workshop inside the old barn adjacent to the family home. They now produce and sell a wide selection of fine food products from their shop, online and through a number of trusted suppliers throughout the world. Each day they source a wide variety of seasonal products directly from local farmers and producers. Lemons from Menton, figs from Solliès, melon from Cavaillon, almonds from Valensole, olives from Nyons…

I was kindly sent three jellies from their UK suppliers, The Artisan Olive Company: basil, lavender and rosemary.

It was the first time I’d tried anything like this. I’d eaten mint jelly before with a lamb roast on a Sunday, but I’d never ventured into other herbs. I was surprised at just how much flavour they had in them – they really pack a punch! And they’re also just the right consistency to eat as a food accompaniment. Not runny like a sauce, and not rubbery like a solid jelly.


So far I’ve been eating them mostly with cheeses (the basil is gorgeous with mozzarella, and the lavender is perfect with goat’s cheese). And of course, the rosemary makes an excellent pairing for lamb dishes.

I’ve been very impressed with the quality of these jellies – you really do get that sense of gourmet French flair from them and I’m keen to try out some of their other products – they have a big black truffle range (heaven!) and I also like the look of their sweet spreads, such as their Caramel spread & Camargue salt.

You can find out more about aix & terra on their website here, or if you’re looking to buy in the UK, from The Artisan Olive Oil company here.


I was sent sample products to review but did not receive payment. All views are my own.

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