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Making Snowballs with Warninks Advocaat

When I was a teenager growing up in Cyprus, my favourite Winter tipple was the mighty ‘Snowball’. I have absolutely no idea why it was a popular drink over there, but our go-to pub used to do a brilliant one which my friends and I loved. And I knew that somewhere deep in my photographic archives (aka Facebook!) there were some pictures. And dear reader, I found them. WHAT is that haircut? I think I was going for the Noel Fielding look…

So to summarise, I really do love a Snowball but I have to admit, I’d forgotten my love of this Advocaat-based Wintery drink! Earlier in the month, the team at Warninks kindly sent me a Snowball ‘kit’ with everything you need to concoct one of these beverages, along with a Christmas jumper which has had a lot of outings for the past few weeks, including our annual friends’ Christmas jumper lunch!


For those of you who’ve never tried Advocaat, you might be wondering what on earth it is (and why it’s so yellow!) It’s a traditional Dutch drink made from eggs, sugar and brandy, which gives it its almost custard-like texture and creamy flavour. To make a Snowball you add some ice, lemonade and a good squeeze of lime. I’ll admit it does sound rather peculiar but I promise you it’s a fabulous festive drink – we got through plenty of these over Christmas!


I’ve been researching other drinks to make with Advocaat and have come across the ‘Fluffy Duck’ (Advocaat with either rum or gin) and Bombardino, a drink apparently drunk in the Italian Alps, made by mixing Advocaat, brandy, and whipped cream. Both of these are going on the list as new drinks to try!

If you’re interesting in trying any of these creative cocktails, you can buy Warninks Advocaat from most supermarkets – we ran out over Christmas (I told you we got through a lot!) and managed to re-stock at our local village off license, so it’s pretty readily available. It’s around £10 for a 70cl bottle.

Are you a Snowball fan? Have you ever made any other cocktails using Advocaat? Let me know!


I was sent the Snowball kit by Warninks for review purposes but did not receive payment. All views are my own.

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