An introduction

When I was younger, my Dad used to say to me that you should “live to eat and not eat to live.” I didn’t truly understand this until I grew up and left home, and discovered my love of good food. Having said that, I still had my moments when I was a child – one day, when my Mum suggested we go for a picnic, I apparently claimed that it had ‘got to be gourmet!’ Something she still teases me for today, and hence the name of this blog.


IMG_2008 (1)

I’m Megan Hallinan (née Rex).  By day I’m Head of PR & Social at MBA in Digital Marketing agency, living in South West London. But in my spare time, I run this food blog! I’m also a lover of travel, gaming, TV and film. And cats. Yes, I’m one of those people. And at the end of 2019, I also became a mum to an actual baby and not just a fur baby! More on that later…

Family Life


I was born in North Yorkshire but moved to Cyprus when I was 12 years old. My teenage years were fantastic, with long, lazy days on the beach, great nights out, and Sunday trips out for lunches all over the island.

Our family always loved good quality meat – my Dad was a regional manager for the Meat and Livestock Commission and we always had lots of delicious meat in our house. I could never have become a veggie!


Dad sadly passed away in 2013 when I was 25, which was a big shock to all of us, but whenever I’ve got my foodie hat on, I always feel closer to him 🙂 This is a photo of him above, doing what he did best – enjoying a good Cypriot meze!

The Hubby!


Tim and I have been together for over 15 years (after originally meeting in Cyprus and going to University together in Exeter, Devon) and in February 2015, we finally tied the knot, in the heart of Dartmoor.

   10407992_10205639934030455_6951853948102864216_n (1).jpg

Over the past 11 years of living in London,  we’ve been lucky enough to find ourselves in good jobs and spend quite a bit of our disposable income on lovely meals out – and despite the name of the blog, not just gourmet foods! We’ll happily tuck into a Nando’s any day!

The baby!

As I mentioned earlier, at the end of 2019 we became parents to the most adorable little boy, Jasper Rex Hallinan. He has completely transformed our lives. We wondered if we would be able to enjoy as much good food with a little one in tow – time will tell! 

What’s with the blog?

I decided to start up this blog, because I became known as the ‘go-to’ person among my friends for restaurant recommendations, and would regularly post about food and cooking on my social channels. So I thought, why not turn it into a blog? And the rest is history!

Thanks for visiting – I’d love to get your feedback and suggestions.



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