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The Spa at Goldeneye, Jamaica

It seems like SO long ago since our incredible trip to Jamica at the end of February and rarely a day goes by when I don’t find myself daydreaming about it. You can catch up on my previous posts about where we stayed and the food if you’d like to know more about the resort, Goldeneye. One of its many superb features is the ‘FieldSpa.’ The spa is located right on the lagoon and for us it was directly opposite our cottage – this photo was taken from our terrace. You can easily canoe or paddle board over to the spa, but we thought we’d go for a wander around the grounds leading up to it, which have cute little messages dotted around reminding you to be quiet and maintain the peacefulness of the area. There’s a vast menu of treatments at the FieldSpa with massages, body scrubs and wraps, it was difficult to choose. We were booked in for a couple’s session so we could relax and unwind together at the same time, but …

Wild Yorkshire – May 2016

You might have read on here that I was born in North Yorkshire, in the beautiful town of Harrogate, to be precise. My mum recently moved back to a little village on the way to York, and I go up to visit as much as I can. I regularly post restaurant/event reviews of my visits up to Yorkshire, but it’s such a stunning place, full of incredible nature and wildlife, that I thought I’d start a series of posts simply with the photos I take when out and about – they don’t really fit into any of my usual blog posts, but the photos are definitely worth sharing. So here are some of my snaps from my last visit in May 2016… Let me know what you think, would love to hear your thoughts!